Tuesday, April 20, 2010

It's Barely a Recipe: Smoked Salmon Appetizers

I hosted my book club yesterday, but didn't have time to write about the menu ahead of time as I've done previously. Here is one of the snacks I made to eat while we discussed Salt: A World History by Mark Kurlansky. (Book Verdict: It contains lots of fascinating information about salt and world history, but the book itself is a dry read!) I wanted to focus our snacks on foods traditionally preserved with salt, one being smoked salmon, another being capers.

Smoked Salmon Appetizers

Ingredients for 1 dozen:

  • 1 Baguette (or other small bread loaf)
  • 4 oz Cream Cheese
  • 4 oz Smoked Salmon Pieces
  • Capers
Slice Baguette into 12 1/4 inch slices. Spread with cream cheese to taste. Divide smoked salmon and top bread slices. Place a few capers into cream cheese along the edge of the salmon.

Time-Saving Tip: When you are running late and your sister shows up early, enlist her to put this appetizer together for you.

That's it! You'll have an elegant and tasty appetizer or snack for your next gathering. It's so simple it's Barely a Recipe!

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