Monday, March 22, 2010

It's Barely a Recipe: A Series

With all the meal planning I've been doing recently, I've been thinking about the fact that a number of meals and dishes I cook are things that I don't really think of as recipes because they are so simple. I've always had the general instructions for the preparation in my head, no need to write anything down!

Until now, that is. I've decided that I am going to share some of these dishes that are 'Barely Recipes' as an occasional series. (This means that I will post them infrequently when I happen to think of one.)

The first unofficial 'Barely A Recipe' was the bean and cheese quesadillas. Simple and easy, but it took me a while to work our how efficient it is to do the prep work in advance and freeze them so that we have an affordable, high-protein meal, snack, or appetizer ready to eat in minutes.

I can think of two others that I will post later this week. Feel free to share your simple preparation ideas!

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