Friday, April 16, 2010

Purging Continued

I think I might be doing something wrong. Lately I've seen decluttering results at other people's houses, and they look great!

This is what my 'decluttered' space looks like at the moment:

Here are the Before Pictures for comparison. This is the aftermath of consignment sale pricing. Guess how much money I will make from the consignment sale here!

Ack! I'm going to be busy cleaning house this weekend. At least it should go faster because there is less stuff...right?

Anyway, my purge process continues this afternoon as the yard sale is tomorrow.

Previously decluttered:
  • My closet and drawers
  • Daughter's closet and drawers
  • Son's closet and drawers
  • Linen Closet
 Completed Today Already:
  • Basement Playroom
  • Storage Room
 Still to do:
  • Large kitchen cabinet and Pantry
  • Buffet in dining room (aka Craft Storage)
  • Toy Cabinets, DVD Cabinet
Here we go...

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