Friday, April 9, 2010

Yard Sale Preparation: The Purge Process

It's time to go through the house and remove any and all items that are headed for the garage and consignment sales! I've already procrastinated by doing all the laundry I can find; this way I'll be less likely to 'miss' something I should have pulled.

At the same time I can assess what I need to replace clothing-wise for my children who seem to double in size every time I turn my back. I already know that my daughter needs a whole new summer wardrobe as she has outgrown everything she owns.

Here is my list of household hotspots I need to hit and clear out. I'll check back regularly and cross out what I've completed.
  • My closet and drawers
  • Daughter's closet and drawers
  • Son's closet and drawers
  • Linen Closet
  • Large kitchen cabinet and Pantry
  • Buffet in dining room (aka Craft Storage)
  • Toy Cabinets, DVD Cabinet
  • Basement Play Room (shudder)
  • Storage Room
It's a purging time of year, and MoneySavingMom is hosting a declutter challenge, where you can find links to others' decluttering progress.

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