Friday, April 16, 2010

Decluttering: The Linen Closet

Alternate Title: How Many Towels does a Family of 4 Need?

Quite a few, apparently.

I got rid of 18 of them, and we still have plenty, as you see above.

Most of these towels will be donated. Unless someone would like to buy them at the yard sale, you never know! Maybe now when we put away towels in the linen closet, there will be space enough for them to remain properly folded, instead of being crammed in and getting all wrinkled.

Unfortunately, when our house was built 30 years ago, the builders failed to consider that future homeowners would want to photograph the interior of the linen closet and post it on a blog, so it's hard to see that my linen closet now has oodles of open space compared to previously. Here are the Before Pictures:

Here are the After Pictures:

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