Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Sunday Brunch: Final Prep

The Brunch that we planned to have in February was snowed out, but we rescheduled it for this Sunday, March 14th! Since I already planned the menu, I just need to figure out what ingredients I need from the store and schedule when I am going to prepare everything this week.

Already prepared: I have a loaf of strawberry bread in the freezer. I wasn't planning on serving strawberry bread, but I might as well since I have some made up! I'll add a load of banana bread to the freezer today.

Prepare and Freeze: Time to try to make those Bouchons au Thon again--in the new mini muffin pan. I'll also slice and freeze the mini bagels I intend to use.

The Day Before: I'll make the Potato Kale Quiche, the Oatmeal Cookies, cut the fresh fruit, and prepare the Make Ahead Strawberry French Toast.

The Morning of the Brunch: I'll make the Summer Squash Frittata, squeeze the citrus fruit for fresh juice, toast the bagels, and cook/reheat everything that needs to be cooked/reheated.

The paperwhites I planned to use for decoration are dead and gone, but I did have 8 more bulbs left that I am trying to force right now. (I usually force more over the holidays, but I couldn't--and still can't--find my large containers!) Hopefully all this nice, sunny weather we are having will hurry them along... if they're still alive, that is.

I'm really glad I had everything planned out in advance--even though I didn't use the plan when I thought I would, it is still here, written down, so I don't have to start over from scratch. (A Secret: You can use the same menu plan more than once... with different guests! Only your family will know the difference, and they won't complain if you're making something that everyone likes.)

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