Monday, September 19, 2011

Freezer Cooking While Making Dinner: This Week's Report

It looks meager, but this photo shows preparation for 4 meals: two Marinated Flank Steaks as well as the toppings for two meals worth of Baked Chicken Tenders. I also made a double batch of Sweet Potato Biscuits this week, and added ham to them, but none of them actually made it into the photo OR the freezer. They were eaten for breakfast, lunch, and snack throughout the week.

It was so easy to just double or triple the recipes that I was already making for dinner, and then freeze the extras. This week I am planning to do the same thing by doubling the sauce and meatballs for Baked Ziti (baking one, freezing the other ingredients) and tripling the Molasses Glazed Chicken Thighs this weekend.

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