Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Can This Be Washed?

I have a number some things that need to be cleaned, and I thought, why not? I'll just throw them all in the washing machine together and see how things turn out. (Results are here!)

Fossil Handbag

My summer handbag (for the past 2 years) was the victim of a ketchup explosion at a sporting event this summer. There was also an incident with some sort of red molding clay in the side pocket.

Fortunately, the bag is made of canvas and leather, and I already know from experience that the bag washes up beautifully on a cold gentle cycle in the washing machine.

Lunch Bags

All year I've been periodically scrubbing out the insides of the kids' lunch bags, but the cloth-like exteriors have been growing grundgier by the month. I thought I would throw them in the wash (unzipped) and see if their looks improve.

Baseball Cap

My son's favorite cap is coated with sweat, dirt, and several unidentifiable stains. It's just a promotional cap that was handed out at the beginning of a baseball game, so I am not sure how durable it is. We'll find out...


Cool weather is coming, and I would like to freshen up my shearling LL Bean slippers. I have been hesitating to clean them because I like them so much--I don't want to shrink them or somehow mess them up! I'm just going to throw them in the wash and see what happens...

See the results here...

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