Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Can This Be Washed? Results

The results are in: I threw my experimental items into the washing machine (all together!) and turned it on (Gentle Cycle with cold water). Would the items shrink? Fall apart? Bleed? Here are the results:

The Handbag

I treated the stains before washing, and pulled out the lining to help the bag dry, and I'm happy to report that the bag is ready for Summer 2012, no need for a purse funeral! It is now in storage, I just set it on a closet shelf packed with inflated shipping bags to keep the shape.

Next I think I will wash some of our resusable canvas shopping bags, which are getting quite dirty.

Lunch Bags

The lunch bags turned out okay. I don't recommend them for machine washing because for some reason... they float. At least they are cleaner now than they were. I ony picture one because the other one is currently holding someone's lunch at school. :) Maybe I will try washing them in the dishwasher next, that would get around the floating problem.

The Ball Cap

Stains came clean! Still has it's shape! No longer stinks! My son is pleased.


The shearling inside doesn't look any cleaner, but they didn't shrink, bleed, or do anything else alarming, so I will call it a success!

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Michelle said...

I wonder if the lunch bags have a waterproof lining that holds air.