Wednesday, September 14, 2011

How to Slice a Shallot

When I first came across a recipe containing shallots, I found myself feeling particularly gourmet. Dicing the darn things took forever, and as far as I can tell, taking forever is the main criteria for a gourmet recipe. It seemed like I spent forever peeling and dicing them!

But they're delicious; they add a garlicky onion-type flavor to dishes, so I'm glad that I've found a faster way to deal with them, which leads me to use them more often, such as in my Shallot Green Bean recipe.

First, slice the root end off the shallot.

Peel the dry layers off the outside of the shallot.

Hold the shallot at the top end, and use a very sharp knife to very thinly slice the shallot into discs.

Optional: place the discs in a pile and quickly chop the pile into smaller pieces.

I tend to leave mine as discs, and let them separate while sauteing them in olive oil. Be careful; they brown and crisp up quickly! They're delicious!

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