Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Easy Pie Crust Protection

Potato Kale Quiche

When I make a quiche, such as this one, the crust sometimes bakes up faster than the filling, and I find myself fiddling with wide strips of aluminum foil to protect the edges from getting too brown.

At the same time, if the quiche crust is very full, some of the filling may spill over the sides of the pie dish.

A solution to both problems is to set the pie dish on a large piece of aluminum foil on top of a rimmed baking sheet. Later in the baking process, wrap the edges of the foil up around the crust edge to slow the browning process. It's much easier to wrap the edges with foil that is held in place underneath the pan rather than fiddling with smaller pieces, then the filling can finish baking.

At least it worked for me!


Crystal said...

Great tip. I think I remember my mother doing something like this.

I would love for you to share this solution over on my weekly meme where mom's share tips and ideas.

Michelle said...

Thanks Crystal! I linked at your site, too!