Wednesday, August 3, 2011

2 Birthday Parties... in One Day

August is Birthday Month in our household, as my son and daughter have birthdays that are 25 days apart. After several years of two separate parties, I am worn out! So are all our relatives and guests who make the journey to our house twice in one month for basically the same party, because of course my daughter just wants her party to be identical to her brother's!

A friend of mine made the clever suggestion to just have ONE party for both kids. What a fantastic idea! I decided that this would be the year that we have One Big Party.

My kids did not like this idea.

Despite promises of separate activities and 'Happy Birthday' singing, both kids have strong objections to sharing one party.

 I had just about resigned myself to two separate celebrations until it finally dawned on me to hold two parties all in the same day. I explained the plan to the kids, who found it acceptable, so this is the plan:

10 AM-Noon: Daughter's 5th Birthday Party (younger kids, some of whom may still take naps)
Noon-2 PM: Son's 7th Birthday Party (the older bunch)
2 PM-whenever: Friends and Relatives hang out while kids play amongst themselves
This plan means that the great-grandparents only have to make the 4-hour round trip one time (without slighting anyone) and the mother only has to serve one lunch buffet (more on that later).

Here's to hoping this works for us!

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