Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Menu Revisions... Forgot the Fresh Stuff

Apparently this weeks meal plan was the 'What Was I Thinking?' version, because I completely forgot about the large harvest of cherry tomatoes from our garden. I just picked about a dozen, used 3 dozen last night, and have an additional 2 dozen that my daughter has been harvesting over the past week. Some of those may be too old to use by now.

As well as some yellow squash that is growing.

And a couple green pumpkins that are taking forever to turn orange, I think I need to harvest and sun them. There's only one pumpkin in this picture.

Clearly I need to leave a few items in the freezer and focus on the fresh produce growing in my yard! Despite the fact that it is nearly November!

Revised Menu Plan:
That's better! It's possible that I'll be able to keep up with the cherry tomatoes if I stick to this plan. If not, I'll make a Summer Squash Frittata with halved cherry tomatoes decorating the top.

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