Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Menu Plan Tuesday June 29th

Another week flys by....

The good news is that we ate all the meals that I planned for last week. The bad news is it took so much concentration I didn't have time to blog during that time. (Just Kidding! There are a few other things going on that are distracting me from blogging, which hopefully I'll have a chance to share soon.)

My freezer cooking day ended up being 'days' but it went well and added to my stash. With some meats and other basics on hand, I can focus more time on preparing the fresh items I'm purchasing at the farmer's market.

The plan:
  • Monday: Potato Kale Quiche (freezer), grilled chicken sausage, and sweet potato biscuits
  • Tuesday: Kids' Favorite: Spaghetti, Turkey Meatballs, and steamed mixed vegetables (adults eating leftovers)
  • Wednesday: Baked Fish Nuggets, steamed broccoli, and brown rice pilaf
  • Thursday: Lemon Chicken with Carrot Orzo and steamed green beans (farmer's market)
  • Friday: Mini Hamburgers, baked beans, and something fresh from the farmer's market
  • Saturday: Leftovers
  • Sunday: 4th of July Family Get-together: they liked the mini cupcakes I made for Memorial Day so much, I'm making them again! This time I'm doing the plain buttercream version, but still dipping them in the chocolate ganache, and still sprinkling them with salt.
  • Monday: (Holiday) Make Your Own Pizza (my personal pizza will be made with homemade Basil Pesto and will have chicken on top.)
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