Monday, June 21, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day June 21st

After productive shopping at both the grocery store and the famer's market, I've decided to hold my own personal Freezer Cooking Day to get some meats and other good things prepped and stored in the freezer/fridge/pantry. Here is my list of tasks:
  • slice and freeze mini whole wheat bagels
  • marinate flank steak
  • marinate chicken: molasses glazed chicken thighs
  • roast and mash sweet potatoes to freeze for sweet potato biscuits
  • multi-grain pancake mix (store in pantry)
  • Basil Pesto (for a friend)
  • hard-boiled eggs (my 3 yo daughter cracked an egg the other day, looking for a hard boiled one to peel and eat!)
  • potato-kale quiche (ambitious)
  • Cut cantalope, cucumbers, and bell peppers for snacking
  • bean and cheese quesadillas (if I have enough cheese)
I'm pretty confident that the freezer items will fit in the fridge. It helps that I have a NEW refrigerator, just delivered last week. I opted for a top freezer so that I can easily lay soft items flat to freeze, and also freeze items on cookie sheets. So far it is a huge improvement over my past freezer!

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