Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Flowers From My Cutting Garden

I'm excited that the zinnias and cosmos flowers that I planted are finally starting to bloom! I took the remains of a bouquet from last week, removed the spent irises and Gerber daisies, then added the orange and salmon zinnias, as well as two cosmos flowers that bloomed (the white and hot pink at the bottom).

I planted these (and some sunflowers) in a small space next to my out-of-control vegetable garden. I planted 4 different colors (as suggested here... beautiful post!) and I hope to see some of the other colors blooming soon.
I don't think that I planted enough variety to make full bouquets for the house, but I am liking the option of adding some fresh pops of color and enlarging my store-bought bouquets (which usually come from Trader Joe's). I'm hopeful that I will figure out what/how to plant more things each year.

There's nothing like a fresh bouquet of flowers! What works for you?

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