Sunday, January 31, 2010

Wrapping up the Pantry Challenge

Well, I haven't figured out a use for the frozen mango yet, but pretty much everything else I hoped to use up from my pantry has moved out. I still did quite a bit of grocery shopping this month; at this point I don't have the data to state how much less than usual I spent. Considering that we usually eat at home and eat a variety of fresh, nutrient-rich foods, I only 'saved' on staples from the pantry, and even those I couldn't stop myself from stocking up on earlier in the challenge.

What have I learned?
  • I can buy less and still make good meals for my family.
  • With advance planning, I can anticipate using an item made for one meal into an ingredient for a second meal, perhaps more. Unless the family eats everything first, that is.
  • It's worthwhile to Eat From the Pantry all the time: to periodically scan the pantry contents and build meals from what you have rather than bring all-new ingredients into the house.
It's been a fun challenge, but now I need to shift my focus back to my poor basement and plot some new ways to move some of this stuff out of my house!

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