Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Fitness Goals

I'm happy to report that I met my 2009 Fitness Goal to attend 150 aerobics classes in the year! This was done with a little help from my Jazzercise location. Every 25 classes you attend, the instructor recognizes during class by giving you a few Hershey Kisses, and when you reach 150, you receive a workout top (see above!) AND you are invited to The Fit Club party, where you are fed large quantities of high calorie foods. The consumption of the chocolate and party foods means that you must continue to attend class to burn off all those calories. (What a clever business plan!)

The beautiful silver cosmetic bag you see above is the prize for joining with a partner to attend 46 classes in November and December. This was a handy bonus because as of November 1st I had only 116 of the 150 classes I needed for the year.

I was doing really well until August when I strained my back and only attended 3 classes the entire month. I struggled in September and October to get back up to speed, but I was still lagging behind. I got motivated when I realized that my goal was doable, but in jeopardy. I started attending every chance I got, which sometimes involved getting up at 6:45 AM to go to an early morning class. I also did a double class about 3 times in December. (Hey, I needed to burn off all those Christmas Cookies anyway!)

For 2010, I am going to try to repeat my 2009 goal, with one simple adjustment: instead of sliding in to number 150 on the last day of the year after manic attendance for 2 months, I want to coast in. This is entirely doable; all I need to do is attend at least 13 classes per month, which works out to 3 times per week. Stay tuned; I plan to update as I reach each 25-class milestone.

Feel free to share your fitness goals and what keeps you motivated to work out througout the year!

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