Friday, January 22, 2010

Creamy Enchilada Casserole

ETA: There is a typo in the recipe when you click on the link below. The recipe SHOULD call for one 16 oz Can of Refried beans, not 'one 6 oz can'!!!  Cool! They fixed it for me.

We've been making this casserole in high rotation recently as my son (age 5) has decided he really likes it--so much so that he wanted me to promise to make it again when he asks me to. Your kids might like it too! The picture posted with the recipe is not accurate, though, so I thought you might like to see what it looks like:

Happy Eating!


gpopp said...

I made this casserole last night and it really did absorb my odd array of fridge leftovers that I found when cleaning out to store my latest monthly Peapod delivery order. As I did not need it to be vegetarian or vegan, I went ahead and tossed in the filling the leftover Peruvian Chicken Breast I found in the fridge along with my leftover pinto beans in place of the refried. I had some left over salsa and plenty of onions and scallions that I always have on hand. I really appreciated YOUR picture of how it turned out as mine looked exactly like yours. My only regret was that I did not have any green chillis, but I had the right kind of cheese and did a part of real milk with rice milk...gave it a nice sweet flavor and I also added a touch of Mace to the cream sauce as you do for Bechemel...yum...

I served it with a side salad of romaine with rapeed carrots, red onions, and my favorite Red raspberry vinagrette with a touch of sugar and salt mixed in first before the olive oil.

I think the casserole tastes even better the second day and all I had to do was warm it in the microwave for a quick meal today.

Now, if only I can think of what to do with the excess cabbage and the collards...

Thanks for the useful tips,


Michelle said...

Cole slaw for the cabbage? Or I had a baby food recipe once where you shred the cabbage into very small pieces and add it to soup.

I have no idea for the collard greens unless you use them in place of kale for the quiche I make. Good luck!