Monday, May 24, 2010

Menu Plan Monday May 24th: Back in the Saddle

I have no idea what we ate last week, as my life got sort of derailed. At least one of my lunches was fed to me by a friend of mine without whom I would have missed eating. We're all still here and no one is starving, so I guess that's good. Actually, I'm having distant memories of lots of popular kid fare: spaghetti from a jar, hamburgers from a restaurant, and macaroni and cheese from a box. All those grilling recipes I planned previously were rained out, so I have an abundance of meat and fish just aching to hit the grill. Just thinking about it makes me hungry. I'm going to get a little smarter this week and check the weather before planning when we'll grill out (Monday and Friday=Bad).
I'm working on a new salad strategy, so I'm not sure if I'll make salad dressing this week. One thing I do know is that from now on salads must be snacks or sides to a main meal; they can't replace my meal. Even when I add protein to the salad (eggs, nuts, etc.) it doesn't seem to be enough!

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