Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Amateur Gardening: Our New Garden Fence

The other day I went out to our 'garden' with the intent of clipping some roses that were ready to bloom. I discovered that Some Animal had been by and had bitten off each perfect rosebud, as well as all the new rosebush growth. At least seven roses, gone! We think it was the neighborhood deer that my daughter and I had seen the previous day. The deer also munched on the squash and strawberry plants the kids and I planted recently.

We would like these plants to survive the season and possibly even provide us with some produce to eat, but between the deer and the numerous rabbits we see running around the neighborhood each night, it looks like our produce crop is in jeopardy. We decided to set up a 2-foot wire fence around the garden.
Despite the fact that neither kid has actually committed to eat anything that we are trying to grow, they were concerned about the animals eating the plants, and were eager to help Daddy with the project. They donned their rain boots and 'work gloves' to give him a hand.

(In case you're wondering about the camera angle, I'm hanging out the dining room window to take these shots.)

Hopefully this will keep the rabbits as well as the deer away; I doubt there is enough room for the deer to jump over the fence. Maybe I'm wrong!

As for the garden itself, we're practicing Random Gardening. We planted a few seeds, a few herbs returned from last year, and whenever I purchase a new plant, I ask the kids where they think we should plant it. They're enjoying it!

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