Friday, June 7, 2013

Freezer Meal Session: 24 lbs of Chicken Part 3 (Done!)

I needed one final hour in the kitchen to finish my chicken project. The good news is this time I didn't have to handle any raw chicken parts. Whew!

 I made Sweet Asian Marinade and added it to 3 bags of boneless skinless breasts. I was originally planning 4 bags, but my 8 year old is eating like crazy these days, so I made 3 larger portions. In the past I would stretch 3 chicken breasts for 4 family members by serving it sliced like this:
Cooked Chicken is way more appetizing in pictures! ;)

I  also made up a double batch of Baked Chicken Finger Topping--this is a nutrient-rich breading for chicken that helps get a bit more fiber in my kids' diets. I store it in a freezer bag and pull out just enough to bread the chicken I need for dinner. By portioning carefully, I will have just enough for 3 meals.

The final count: 11 Meals! Only 10 are pictured here because we already ate one meal. :)

11 meals, 2.5 hours of work over 3 days... and they all fit in the freezer!

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Anna said...

I just found your blog and I love it! You are so organized. Thank ypu for sharing all these recipes and tricks.