Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cleaning Beyond the Basics Week 5: Coffee Pot Vinegar Cleaning

It's not very exiting to look at, but I wanted to be sure to do a vinegar rinse on my coffee pot. It seems like something that should be done on occasion, and we've been using this coffee pot daily for nearly 2 years so it seemed like it was time. (We do wash the pot, pot lid, filter basket, basket lid, and filter holder daily.)

I removed the coffee grounds from the filter basket, added 5 cups of cold water and 5 cups of vinegar, and brewed a pot of vinegar water. (It smelled lovely.) The vinegar-water was definitely a light shade of brown when I poured it out.

I drained the pot and 'brewed' two additional pots of plain water to 'rinse' the vinegar out of the machine. Honestly? I hope I don't notice any difference to the taste of the coffee!

Time Investment: 20 Minutes--minimal hands-on time just to refill the pot to rinse.
Materials: vinegar and water
Payoff: hopefully a longer-lasting coffee maker?

 So far I've washed a door, cleaned ice cream out of a utensil drawer, cleaned my dishwasher gasket, and found a computer screen cleaner. Up next...

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