Monday, August 2, 2010

Freezer Cooking Day: Pre-Party Version

We've just returned from vacation with some extra food, we are hosting a birthday party this weekend, and the freezer is looking empty. It's a good time to get some Freezer Cooking done!

The goals:
  • I brought home a large amount of fresh baby spinach leftover from our beach trip that I need to use ASAP before it goes bad.
  • I need to prepare for my son's birthday party to be held this Saturday.
  • I have a large quantity of chicken bones/carcasses to be made into Bone Soup
  • It would be nice (in addition to the necessities listed above) to marinate some meats and prepare some food for future meals, as August will be a busy month for us!
The Plan:
I may add to this list as I figure out what else would make sense to make. Find more freezer cooking plan inspiration here!

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